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Media adds punch to your posts

My Presentation Outline for April MeetUp


If you want to improve your blog posts start thinking more about the media. I’m talking photos, graphics, charts, slide shows, audio and video. The more media included the more interesting your posts will appear and the more people will be drawn to your content.

As a special added bonus, the search engines are going to value your posts higher as well, if you get the tags right.

Atlanta Bloggers meetup photo

Atlanta Bloggers MeetUp, March 2012

Ok, the photo here is a bit rough, but it is from the event. I took it with my iThing in a darkish room and it’s fine for this. You’re not always going have, or need, a high quality photograph. Use the smart phone or other small camera you’ve got in your pocket. It’s great for blog posts.

The photo here is edited, using Gimp. This is no bonus for SEO but may help you enhance your message, an more polished in the eyes of some humans.

Gimp is a free, open-sourced graphic editor similar to Photoshop. I use Gimp every day and love it. Join me in one of my Gimp workshops or tutorials if you’d like to learn this great program.

Often you will be writing about something that you don’t have any personal pictures from. In this case I find the CC photos on Flickrr [Creative Commons] a superb option. There are millions of photos and graphics there that are available under special license. You can usually find something very suitable without having to spend anything. You’ll keep your blog legit too when you don’t steal graphics from other sources.

The plugin I’m using here is new to me but I am loving it. It finds the art for you and handle the licensing credit for you. Go get PhotoDropper and see how easy this is.

Atlanta bloggers meetup from 2011

Atlanta Bloggers Meetup from 2011

Alt Tags for images

Always use keyword named media files, Enter ALT Tags and descriptions for all media in your blog – check out your actual status with the tool below.

H Tag And Alt Tag Checker

Enter URL:

Powered by

WordPress Editing Note:

editing the alt tags in published posts requires editing each post. When you change the fields in the media manager it has no affect on published post, but does make the change on any future posts using that image. Adding alt tags for your main keywords can have a big impact on search results and traffic so it is perhaps worth the trouble.

Audio files

In March the Meetup topic was SEO and was presented by Jenny Munn. The content has great value and I have the mp3 recording posted here. If you want to start with the basics of SEO you should download this 1 hour long mp3 audio file now, as I may remove it later.

Atlanta Bloggers March presentation on SEO by Jenny Munn [1hr mp3 audio]

Video; The Main Event!

YouTube – It’s the place to start

Video will be the biggest portion of my presentation at Atlanta Bloggers Meetup in April, as it’s the primary communication tool here in the digital age. In my opinion video is no longer optional for bloggers but is a necessary feature for good blog health and continued success.

Notice I am using no camera to make this video – Sometimes Animoto and other video creation sites can be extremely effective.

Now one of my favorite things about video is that you don’t have to make your own. Other people create excellent video and allow you to share it via embed codes. The following lesson is useful to show you this can be a great strategy, and the content of video SEO is very high value.

Part of SEO for videos is simple, and I’ll be talking about this at the meetup. Then we get to XML video Sitemaps. That where I’ll be leaving it up to you to research if you’re interested. The muck gets deep and few everyday bloggers want to get into this.

This video, from SEOMoz, is hosted by Wistia, a good paid video hosting solution. This can be a good choice for commercial or high traffic sites

SEOmoz – SEO Software

Slide Share – “secret sauce”

Video is not the only helpful media

Slide shares can be really helpful in keeping visitors interest and telling your story. My advice is to add any slide share presentations you make to your blog. If you’re making presentations in the real world than re-purpose that material again via sites like extend the value of your work. It very little extra trouble to get a much bigger bang for your buck.

This is the presentation that I’ll be giving to Atlanta Bloggers. It’s a Google Doc file and is being developed ‘live’. Frequent changes may occur. If you see this before the meetup on April 4th then it’s surely not complete.

OK – for some reason this google doc pres may be causing display errors so im removing it to test—

heres a link to view the presentation

Come join the meetup and learn a little to improve your efforts, plus have a really good time. We generally have about 50 bloggers that range widely in experience and topics so there’s always something for everybody.

Learn and join here at Atlanta Bloggers Meetup page

See you there!



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