Randy Barnes - Web Design / UX-Focused / Contentalist

I have been working with WordPress since 2007 and have developed my skills in both the front-end design elements and the basics of the back-end code needed to make a site’s features work.  While my start was simply to build my own site to display the content I produced, I soon began building sites for others.  I continue to work as a freelance web designer using the WordPress platform.

Event Photo Collage

Graphics for print and digital display

PhotoShop and Gimp are extraordinary applications which can help content deliver a very powerful message quickly and emotionally. Site development and desirable results are in large part dependent on the best graphics.

My experience includes digital and print graphics from business cards to large event banners. I create compelling images useful in telling the story for brands and individuals.

Randy has good Facebook skills in developing and managing pages.

Facebook has more exciting potential than many realize.   Businesses are not seeing how easy and profitable Facebook ads can be and how measurable this choice is compared to other channels.

Live streaming video via Facebook Live has enormous ROI potential for business and is a key focus in my current R & D.

I continually strive to learn new tricks, and I enjoy certification/validation of my digital skills.

I have created over 500 videos and have chosen these 3 recent examples to represent content I consider high value and the also type of video that anyone can produce with minimum skill and very basic technology.

Twitter Logo

I joined the Twitter community in 2008 and quickly became hooked on the amazing channel and the ability to connect with the most amazing people. After Oprah came  on board in April of 2009 I could see that the party was over. I was wrong, it isn’t over at all, but it has certainly changed.

News channels are hungry for your story. This can be great PR, and  you don’t have to wait for them to call you. You can simply hit record and go!